We build ventures in four rapidly growing markets — leveraging our expertise, capital and network of partners and customers to transform great ideas into valuable businesses. We keep our diverse ad-tech portfolio strong and thriving by constantly sleuthing out growth opportunities, managing risk and expanding connections as well as providing ongoing financial support and strategic planning. We build success, one company at a time.



We understand the pain points of online publishing, and design systems that address them, from better website performance and up-to-date monetization technology to real time user value analytics and automated media buying.

Video Advertising

We focus on technologies that maximize video advertising optimization and yield, enhance fraud detection tools and boost video playing — all enhanced by close relationships with premium publishers.


Opportunity is everywhere — and at double digit rates. We focus on building e-commerce international brands and product companies.


We believe blockchain technology is the biggest disruptor since the invention of the internet. We’re currently searching for companies geared to disrupt the digital advertising industry based on blockchain tech.

Our Companies

An online publisher trade-desk, Novelty’s proprietary platform powers its owned and operated network of sites. It does so with dynamic yield optimization services, audience matching based on first party data as well as automated traffic buying using real time algorithms, and a prediction engine. Plus, it works across all major real time bidding exchanges. On the network side, Novelty Magazines publishes unique content focused on news, finance, sports, parenting tips and entertainment to over 50 million monthly loyal readers around the world.

Moneytime is your personal finance concierge. With a humble approach, fresh content, and integrity-based advice, we offer custom financial tools to make consumers make the most informed personal finance decisions. is an emerging star in the financial content sector. Our goal is to become a leading brand in the space, while helping millions of consumers make better financial decisions with our original content and tools.  We bring a unique take on content creation, specialized marketing expertise, and are led by digital media heavyweights with various successful exits.

Scalez is a startup in the field of augmented intelligence. We build first of it’s kind ML/NLP online conversational platform so experts (personal stylists, travel agents, career consultants and more), once provided with our “ironman suit” tech, can give online personalized retail guidance in an fully automated way, reducing their online session times by 90% on average, lowering price barriers dramatically and helping them unleash their creative knowledge at scale!

The 101 Network is a digital publishing platform delivering a daily dose of knowledge. We believe in the power to inform and entertain. It debuted in 2018 with four verticals — finance, history, lifestyle and science — with a blueprint for rapidly expanding the vertical collection.

The first advertising data trading platform to reward users, Liberdy is a breakthrough blockchain-based DMP where users can get compensated for the use advertisers make of their data — for the first time ever. Liberdy’s goal is to build a fair and balanced advertising economy powered by users consent and to be the leading open platform for verified high quality user data.