Our Model

  • We identify new sectors within the media arena, and either build our own projects or help entrepreneurs bring theirs to life.
  • We pour in capital, operational know-how, a shared backbone of core technologies and a proven network of partners and customers.
  • After determining concept feasibility and potential for success, we power up our extensive market network to achieve accelerated growth.



We identify fast-growing digital media sectors hungry for innovation, and then get to work. We either pursue our own projects or team with like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs striving to establish theirs.


We build businesses that have strategic synergy with at least one of our companies to ensure cohesion and mission clarity. Each venture must be scalable and industry-defining (not iterative) with a smart, long-term business plan in place.


We tap our large network of experts — top-notch managers and industry leaders — to build out the vision. As a highly collaborative team, we make certain that both the initiative and the people driving it fit with our culture and vision.


We connect partners and customers across the globe to accelerate success. Through it all, we push the venture forward—creating clear Key Performance Index’s, realistic budget plans, and a cohesive team to ensure both short- and long-term success.


We help brilliant entrepreneurs nurture their ideas into standout, profitable companies that set them up for success. Do you have a great concept primed to interrupt and innovate the digital media industry? We want to hear from you.
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We team with energized investors who share our vision and appreciate the value of our long-term revenue-generating business model. They love what we bring to the table — deep market knowledge, opportunities to diversify their digital media portfolio and the chance to tap into faster and greater returns. We’re always looking for more capital to grow and expand our portfolio and would be happy to consider joining forces. If you’re interested in helping power successful, sustainable, industry-leading companies, let’s connect.